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  • Aluminium boat designed for recreation and fishing
  • Lightweight all-welded (riveted only benches and safety reinforcements)
  • Safe, stable
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long service life
  • Material thickness 1.5 mm (transom 2mm)
  • CE category D



Type Length Heigh of Boat´s Side Beam Weight of Boat Max Load,mL Person Capacity Max Power Engine Leg of Motor
1338BWS 3,9m 0,48m 1,4m 72kg 320kg 3 10HP S
1338BWSL 3,9m 0,48m 1,4m 75kg 317kg 3 10HP L


Type Price in EUR (without VAT)

(in standard version, any colour under RAL)

1338BWS/1338BWSL on request