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LUG 1448 PW-VV

 1448 PW-VV

Standard equipment Superior equipment
The new ship of this series is characterized by a wide range of usage. Its big advantage is the additional centre bench that can be quickly installed and dismantled as needed.

Other advantages of this range of boats include the possibility of whether “open” boat or  “closed” boat – with a front or rear deck with  large numbers of boxes and storage spaces.

The hull of the boat is in the form of a letter “V”. The bottom of the boat is reinforced with a profiled grid, the sides of the boat form profile reinforcements. This design creates a very strong and rigid hull. The deck of the ship is covered with two-color rubber, which is anti-slip with excellent damping properties and easy maintenance. Built-in holder for the swivel seat is placed in front of the boat.

Thickness of material of the bottom is 2mm, thickness of material of the sides is 1,5mm.

The boat is made of aluminium alloy resistant sea salt, it is unsinkable, easy to operate, maintenance-free with a long service life.

The LUG1448 PW-VV is a dream boat for sports fishermen as well as for families with children.

  • complete colour design of the boat
  • built-in base of the swivel seat
  • water resistant and anti-slip floor
  • binding eyes, live well 43l
  • drain hole with plug
  • box lids are fitted with closures
  • front and rear benches fitted with anti-slip rubber
  • preparation for wiring
  • built in deck – extended deck with storage
  • ramp with four rod holders
  • removable centre bench with holders in boat colour covered by anti-slip rubber
  • filling the bottom of the boat with polyester
  • drink holders
  • remote control console
  • rod holders – fixed, rotating, built-in
  • pump – manual, automatic, aeration
  • anchor/navigation light
  • holders of ravens, ravens, oars, paddles
  • safety handles
  • railing
  • seats, bass seat, seat stand, telescopic seat foot


“opened” 1448PW-VV with a centre bench that can be easily and quickly installed and reassembled again “closed” with front deck with a large number of boxes and storage places


Type Lenght Heigh of Boat´s Side Beam Weight of Boat Max load, mL Person Capacity Max Power Engine Leg of Motor CE Category
1448PW-VV 4,30m 0,60m 1,73m 152kg 528kg 4 40HP S/L D/C


Type Price in EUR (without VAT)

(in standard version, “opened” design, any colour under RAL)

1448PW-VV on request
Due to unstable market situation the price will be informed on request, please contact us by email, thank you.